Grey is a stick figure who used to belong to the Counsel of Doodle and he was considered one of it's most powerful members. However, when the evil doodle warlord Gritescar attacked the counsil, Grey wa

Grey, the powerful stick figure.

s take by surprised and seriously injured. After the Counsil and Gritescar's epic battle, they presumed Grey dead, and put his body in a casket going down the Eenc River. When he awoke, he had lost all memory and broke out of the casket. He then began wandering the land of Duedl, and found residence in the hollowed out mountain, Mt. Graphite.

It has not yet been revealed how he and Ralfe will meet up, but he will accompany Ralfe on his epic adventure and becoe a main character. He also may be the key to defeating Gritescar, based off of his awesome powers and unbelievable abilites.


Grey is no more than a stick figure, and not a very special one at that. He has thin arms and legs, flat feet, and articulated fingers. He has two ovular eyes with no pupils and an ovular head. Also, he has no mouth and therefore cannot speak. A silent hero, most of his emotion can be expressed through his eyes.


Grey is immensly powerful, ironic considering his apparance and stature. His true power is to be able to sho

Grey shooting an energy beam

ot pure raw energy from his hands. However, considering he lost his memory, he has to re-learn how to use these powers; it's a long and strenuous process, but he winds up gaining all of his abilities. How he acquired these abilies is a mystery that will be revealed as the series progresses.


  • Grey was drawn by Charles Painter in 2009.
  • Grey was originally the protagonist of Doodle Quest; but after some creative discussion, the creators put Ralfe in his place.
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