While not much is known/developed about Leigh, it is certain she will play a major role in Doodle Quest and possibly be a main character and/or even a love interest!


Leigh has medium length light blonde hair. Her arms go just below the belt on her green dress and she has four fingers on each hand. She has pure black eyes. She has pale skin. She has a small black bow and arrows strapped to her back.

This is the initial design for Leigh (by: Hayden Ergenbright)


Leigh has amazing bow skills, and amazing marksmanship. Her bow is made out of what used to be a staff so she can use multiple magics on her arrows causing more damage, and using different elements.


  • Leigh's name came from the initials of Love interest: L.I.
  • Leigh was designed by Hayden Ergenbright but at this point, is not officially completed.
  • Leigh (in the doodle world) was not drawn, but born just as Ralfe was.
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