Ralfe, the protagonist of Doodle Quest.


Ralfe is a doodle boy born on the streets of Scribblis, a city in the land of Duedl. He was orphaned as an inphant, and he had to use his own wit to survive. An incredible acrobat, he used his skills to become the best thief in all of Scribblis. This is magnified because his identity was never revealed. He lived in an unused and unknown room in the Scribblis Town Hall. While sleeping one day, he was approached by a member of The Counselof Doodle who told him that he was the only one who could stop the coming apocalypse. Not understanding, Ralfe chased the member into the streets of Scribblis where he lost him.

Ralfe was then caugth by Roven Grives, who had cauht him in the act. Roven turned Ralfe in and Ralfe was taken to the city of Graphicus, where the Overworld Castle was. He was thrown in the dungeon, where he began to plan his daring escape. After knocking out the guard and getting the keys, Ralfe began to stealthily move through Overworld Castle. Little did he know he had ecaped in the middle of The Seige of Shadows, which had just begun. Ralfe arrived in the castle just in time to see Gritescar steal the Pencil. Ralfe knew that this was bad news and attacked Gritescar, in the duel, the Pencil was broken in two. Gritescar took the half with the sharpened side and fled; Ralfe grabbed the side with the eraser. Ralfe then descended deeper into the castle and discovered The Hero's Blade, a legendary sword kept within the walls of the Overworld Castle. The sword then spoke to Ralfe saying that he was the sword's user, just like long ago. Ralfe didn't quite know what he meant by long ago, but accepted the sword.

Ralfe was then captured by the castle's guards again and brought into the infirmary, full of soldiers from the seige. Ralfe was then brought before the King of Duedl, who had been injured in the seige. The king immediately noticed The Hero's Blade on with Ralfe and bowed down before him. He then told Ralfe he was forgiven, and asked him to defeat Gritescar.

In his adventures, Ralfe will meet many other doodles such as Grey, and a possible love interest.


Ralfe looks to be a boy of 13 or 12, he has long dark hair and a blue shirt. He has no nose, button eyes, and a wide smile. He also wears a cap he believes belonged to his father, because it has "FOR MY SON" stitched in on the side.


  • Ralfe was designed by Hayden Ergenbright to be a crossover between an anime style and what he believes a boy Ralfe's age would draw like.
  • Ralfe is seemingly one of the only humanoid doodles that has his physical appearance; hinting that he may be the only member of his family.
  • Ralfe (in the story) was not drawn, but instead born.
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